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Over the 4th of July we spent the weekend at my sister Michelle and Jim’s beach house. Jim just got a new boat and we were eager to test it out. Benjamin loved his first boating experience and was even brave enough to walk out to the front of the boat and sit.  Let’s not even talk about my irrational fear of a boat malfunction.  Very similar to my fear of flying.  (No, the plane isn’t just going to fall from the sky just like boats won’t stop floating…for no good reason of course).  But it was a gorgeous day to be out on the water.  They treated us to a quite delicious seafood lunch and then we walked across the street to the beach. Benjamin loves the beach and every year he gets even more brave and ventures a bit further into the ocean.  His shorts were soaked. 

The weekend of course wasn’t long enough though we are so grateful for the time spent with one another.  It’s always good for my soul to meet up with the sand and sea, even if it is only for a little bit. 

The invitation is always open and we hope to visit again before I have to adhere to travel restrictions.  The feeling of having a place to come to relax, unwind, and enjoy family’s company in the years ahead is a great feeling indeed. 

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Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your bed. I mean heart.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your bed. I mean heart.

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Kutztown Folk Festival

As we make our way through the summer and our bucket list we added the Kutztown Folk Festival to our list.  It was a scorcher that day and we took advantage of the sprinklers and “cool off bridges” throughout the fair. The food stands were incredible and it would have taken us all week to try everything.  We had pickles on a stick, ice cold lemonade, ox roast sandwiches, summer wheat ale, and apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream. No pictures of the food unfortunately, it was almost too hot to even carry the camera. There were plenty of activities for kids too. We made our own tie dye t-shirt, painted a mural, rode a carousel, and visited a petting zoo. Hopefully when the festival is back next year it won’t be during a heat wave because I plan to stay the entire day.  

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For Benjamin’s birthday our family gave us money and we set aside this money for our summer bucket list 2014.  Thomas the Train was of course on that bucket list.  He only arrives one week in the summer and fall.  The day we chose was a hot summer day.  We drank ice cold lemonade, ate Dutch whoopie pies, and rode on Thomas the Train. Before the actual train ride we rode a much smaller train and played with cranky cars.  And since we were in Amish Country afterwards we headed to Kitchen Kettle Village and rode a horse and buggy ride through  Lancaster.  Benjamin sat between to women who were grandmother’s themselves.  They spoke with a southern accent and were from the Carolina’s.  They were sweet just like his own grandmothers and Benji sat on one of the Maw Maw’s laps.  I never caught her name but Benji and I call her Maw Maw.

Thomas the Train…check.  

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Dear Baby,

I mostly refer to you as a she but your daddy and I are racking our brains trying to find the perfect boys name for you just in case. We had a girls name set before Benji was born.  It is proving quite difficult to pick a boys name that is strong and will flow smoothly with Benjamin’s name and our last name. But we have time so don’t worry.

Daddy felt you move the other day.  I have been feeling you move since you were 12 weeks.  But now we see you move and kick.  You seem to move more when Benji is around talking as if you are trying to kick and play too. Just wait my little one, you will be playing with him in no time. 

We went swimming at a private pool club yesterday and I felt you kicking, more like swimming all around.  I was a water baby as kid and would stay in for hours, only to come out for a quick bite to eat and lotion up before heading back in. Feeling you swimming around inside while I was swimming made me think, you are already so much like your Momma. 

Your brother loves to hug you and calls you baby.  When he eats he tries to feed you too.  He is already proving to be quite the helpful and lovable big brother. 

You are growing quite nicely.  Many ask if I am pregnant with twins.  I heard the same thing with your brother too.  You at least crave healthier foods, maybe because it is summer and fresh food is at our fingertips.  I eat salads, cheese and tomato sandwiches, and the juiciest fruit I can find.  I also indulge in chocolate or ice cream regularly.  

We are looking forward to kissing your sweet face and introducing you to your brother, your best friend for life. 

I love you my sweet child. 

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June is strawberry season here and we jumped at the chance to go  strawberry picking at our local orchard. We packed a lunch and ate out by the farmer’s market.  A rooster and a few hens provided good company while I perused their perennials for sale.  I finally purchased an oriental poppy plant. I have been admiring our neighbors for two seasons now. After lunch we went to the strawberry patch and picked ourselves the juiciest and sweetest 3 lb bucket of strawberries.  In fact the bucket lasted us just two days. I managed to squirrel enough away to make roasted strawberries to pour over ice cream, pancakes, and yogurt.   We are all looking forward to blueberry season which is in the next few weeks.  

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